As fiduciaries to our clients, Point Guard Capital LLC recognizes the importance of being able to deliver outstanding client service and investment strategies that are solutions driven - not product or sales driven. Each client situation is unique and as such having a menu of services to draw from when appropriate is key to designing and implementing a sound investment strategy that has the greatest probability of achieving success over time.

Take some time to learn how we might be able to help you by learning more about each service we offer.

Custom Portfolios

Each client circumstance is unique. As such, clients can benefit from our ability to design, build and implement a custom solution that specifically addresses unique needs and preferences. Whether you have specific income needs, have security restrictions or invest based on moral and ethical grounds - we can help.

Turnkey Portfolios

Point Guard Capital LLC offers a menu of turnkey portfolios that can help clients meet investment goals and objectives by considering client time horizon and risk tolerance. These portfolios will address most common investor needs and offer the flexibility to be managed in separate account or tax-deferred account formats.

Income Solutions

We offer income strategies designed for investors that have certain income, maturity and quality profiles. In addition we offer the ability to design custom built income solutions to best meet our clients' requirements. Whether it be fixed income, diversified income or tax-free income we can help our clients design, contruct and implement solutions that best fit their requirements.

Tax-Deferred Solutions

Point Guard Capital LLC can be engaged to manage tax-deferred investment portfolios within a no-load separate account variable annuity platform. What this means is that our clients can grow their assets tax-deferred, have their portfolio professionally managed in a low-cost, transparent and round-the-clock accessible account. If you have exhausted traditional retirement savings contributions, clients can tax-defer as much as $10 million in assets.

Investment Consulting

We offer investment consulting services to clients that may wish to engage us as a consultant rather than an investment manager. Our consultative approach can assist in answering your deepest and complex questions that touch investments. We are solutions driven and enjoy tackling challenging investment problems. If you could use a second opinion on your current investment strategy, do not hesitate to contact us for an exploratory conversation.

Alternative Investments

Point Guard Capital LLC has the ability to offer 3rd Party alternative investments solutions. We offer our alternative investments solutions through carefully vetted organizations who pass our own due diligence process. Generally, our alternative investments solutions are only offered to, depending on solution, "Accredited Investors" or "Qualified Purchasers" as defined by U.S. securities regulators.

Goal-Focused Planning

We offer goal-focused planning that takes into account your unique circumstances and financial goals. Whether you are an individual or couple planning for a certain life event or a small private foundation seeking an allocation strategy to help fund your giving goals - we can help. Allow us to engage you with our goal-focused planning services to help outline a suitable course for your unique needs and objectives.

Thought Leadership

We are out-of-the-box thinkers and solutions driven as opposed to product or sales driven. We take pride in our research that permeates throughout our organization and the way we think about the world. Whether we look at uncovering investment opportunities, assess specific risks or engage in topical conversations, rest assured that the way we think and view the world is how we seek to invest our clients' trusted assets.